We farm, YOU eat!

Amie here!! Today while scrolling through my Facebook news feed, I ran across this article posted from a friend of mine called “Does 4-H desensitize to killing?” Immediately my blood gets boiling as I imagine what crude and cruel comments that these folks would have to say about 4-H, the club that was my LIFE as a child. And of course, first line of the article was: 4-H stands for “head”, “heart”,  “hands”, “health” and apparently fifth- for “haters”.  Haters?! Are you kidding me?

This article was actually a follow-up of a previous article ran by Eatocracy’s 5@5 featuring chef Kelly Liken on the topic of Five Reasons to Buy from Your Local 

The five reasons:

1. When you buy 4-H, it aids in supporting efforts to use the whole animal. 

2. 4-H animals are some of the best quality in the nation

3. 4-H supports the education of local children

4. Knowing where your food comes from is not only very important but it teaches a life-long lesson to children, while shaping their future decisions with regards to food, cooking, and nutrition

5. It’s fun!  

This article got so many comments (1,000+) that a follow up article was published. Here is my opinion…

YAY for supporting the 4-H! As a former 4-Her, I am thrilled that chef, Kelly Liken is recommending consumers to buy from local 4-H clubs. Having experienced what it is like to raise beef cattle from bottle to butcher, there is nothing more pleasing than knowing that you were just a little part in helping feed the rest of the world. However, it makes me furious to think that some people think that the 4-H desensitizes kids to the killing (slaughtering) of animals.

Desensitizing? Good grief, come on! Video games teach kids more about killing and murdering that 4-H! Just because these kids are actually being exposed to the real world where they understand that their hamburger comes from a cow in a field and not from McDonald’s doesn’t mean that these kids are becoming desensitized to the “suffering of animals”. On another note, butchering a cow TO FEED CONSUMERS isn’t the definition of a suffering animal! How many times do I have to say it?

Some of the comments on this article state that eating meat from 4-H is like eating a children’s pet. The children that are raising these animals do care for them as if they were any other pet by feeding them twice a day, seeing that they are in good health and providing them with a comfortable environment. Even though the family and 4-H’ers raising the animals may gain an emotional attachment to the animal, they understand that they were put on this earth for a purpose! You raise, sell, slaughter and consume these animals!

I could argue with all 700 negative comments about the 4-H but it’s not worth my time. I just want others to understand that the 4-H is not a club that “desensitizes kids to killing” animals!  For many of children it is their life! It is what they eat, breath and sleep! It is articles like these that give organizations that teach young kids valuable lessons, a bad reputation. It is organizations like 4-H that are teaching the younger generation the skills and knowledge needed so that they will be able to continue to provide you and your family with food on you plate and clothes on your back. I  can’t say it enough, WE FARM, YOU EAT! Don’t take it for granted!!