A Little Lesson for Everyone

Pelly’s Farm Fresh market is a perfect example of an Agritourism venue and the events they sponsor are helping promote Agriculture Education. These events are what agriculture is all about. Showing people where their food comes from and how they make it is critical to keeping the agriculture business successful. In talking with several of the event attendees it is evident that people do not understand agriculture. Although people think they know where their food comes from – they do not. If people truly understood what it takes to be in the agriculture field they would have a much deeper respect and appreciation for their farmers. In some recent discussions we have been asked what is the biggest threat to agriculture and we can sum it up in two simple words – the uneducated. We know that we harp on this subject a lot but it is those uneducated people that are making the laws and regulations, broadcasting wrong or skewed information, and making the farmer look like the bad guy. A fellow blogger said, “Would you take piano lessons from a guitarist? Math tutoring from an English teacher? Baseball lessons from a basketball coach? Then why listen to non-farmers talk about farming?” We believe that really sums up what we are trying to say about our industry. Why take the advice from someone who has never farmed a day in his or her life? That journalist or TV reporter has never stepped into a pile of manure or shucked corn, and they definitely wouldn’t know the difference between a blacked-eyed-pea and a soybean if it hit them in the face! Americans out there only believe what they are told through their computer screens and televisions and so that is why we are SO passionate about educating others. So we are asking all of you agriculturists out there to help spread the “Real” truth so people can understand what it really takes to put food on their table.