Bringing It Back

We are back – kind of! It’s a new year and with a new year comes a whole bunch of new things. Although Amie and I have been out of pocket for a couple of months, we are still working hard to change the world!

Since we last chatted, a few things have happened! I graduated college and Amie has started her student teaching. Yes, we’ve both entered into the semi-real-world…if that’s possible. I am still interning for the Kentucky Soybean Board – writing articles for our association’s magazine and taking care of membership. I plan to get married in May, move to Mississippi for a short time, and then start my job with Archer Daniel Midland (location to be determined). Amie is currently filling the brains of high school children with agriculture knowledge that is NOT useless and WILL change the world!! {more on that to come} She will graduate in May and become an AMAZING teacher (location also to be determined).

I started thinking about this blog today and I realized how awesome it was and although Amie and I have gotten insanely busy, there’s no need to let it fall by the wayside! Agriculture is still necessary and is increasingly being put under fire for all sorts of crazy things. You know that Amie and I still have hot opinions on what’s going on and we should share them! So, we are bringing it back!

Stay tuned…



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